Basel: cyclist († 70) dead after a collision with truck

A 70-year-old cyclist died on Wednesday afternoon after an accident with a truck spot deadly injuries. The exact cause of the accident is still unclear. According to the first findings, the man was caught and rolled by the truck at the confluence of the Schwarzwaldstrasse in the Grenzacherstrasse.

The accident happened around 2.20 pm. The ambulance and the rescue ambulance Basel-City were unable to save the seriously injured, despite quickly initiated measures. He died shortly after 3 pm, informs the cantonal police of Basel-Stadt.

For the 43-year-old steering wheel of the truck, the breath test yielded 0.0 milligrams of alcohol per liter of breath. For the registration of the accident, the traffic police had to block access to the Grenzacherstrasse into the city and divert the traffic. The transport companies in Basel provided a diversion for the bus lines that were also affected. (PMA)

Posted on 22.08.2018 | Updated 20 minutes ago

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