Basler drinking water – IWB is building a new pumping station in the Langen Erlen – News

Basler drinking water – IWB is building a new pumping station in the Langen Erlen – News – SRF

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IWB invests 24 million in the production of drinking water and renews systems from the sixties.

Construction site in the Lange Els

Gianni Gropello

Water from the tap is of course for us. But even on the 4th floor, it takes a lot of pressure. This takes place in Basel at the pumping station in the Langen Erlen, where the drinking water of the city is processed. However, the old pumping station from the 1960s is technically outdated and needs to be renovated, says Thomas Meier, head of drinking water production at the Industrial Works Basel (IWB). Instead of rehabilitating, the IWB decided to build a new pumping station. Cost: 24 million francs.

Until 50 years ago, water consumption continuously increased, according to Meier. But he has stabilized for ten years. On the one hand, because the industry consumes considerably less water. On the other hand, household appliances are now more economical and people would bathe less often, prefer to take a shower. Thanks to this development, it is now the right time to set up production for the future.

Halftime on the construction project

The new pumping station is more energy-efficient and flexible than the old one, says Meier. This is important because the water consumption is very different. For example, on hot summer days we use twice as much as on cold days. The pumping station has less work accordingly. Construction will take a few months. The new pumping station will start in the spring of 2019.

SANM; Regional Journal Basel

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