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One after the other, the Simmental cows, decorated with flowers and trolls, trudged through the village of Gstaad. The spectators from all over the world could see real Swiss cows up close. The "Züglete" has been organized and marketed in Gstaad for a few years as a tourist event. Only pure Simmental cows come along.

The official creation of the "Original Simmentaler" association took place between the parades of the various Gstaad farming families. According to the breeders of Simmentaler, this association has long been a problem. The farmers felt that something had to be done to increase the value of their products.

They responded to these concerns with Roland Frevel, head of fresh produce at Coop, and Lorenz Wyss, CEO of Bell. The two had already been warned in advance by colleagues about the advantages of dual-use animals.

Stock of the Simmentaler double

"The aim of the association is to preserve and promote the original Simmental cows," explains club chairman Christian Wanner, who continues every day to ensure the operation of his son Simmentaler cows. The club then wants to double the stock of Simmentalerkühe until 2030. The club wants to undergo ausloben variety in contrast to the meat and dairy products, in contrast to the existing label "Pure Simmental". Especially in the dairy market, the presentation of a variety is a special function.

Coop and Belle want to support the association in production and marketing. Further partners are Pro-Specia-Rara, Proviande, Mutterkuh Schweiz, Rassenclub Simmental Suisse, Swiss association for the conservation and promotion of the Simmentaler Fleckviehrasse SVS, Suisse Garantie, Swissgenetics and Swissherdbook.

New label

To celebrate the Simmentaler products, the club's founders also presented a new "Original Simmentaler" quality seal. This is meant to mark the products in the store.

Among the founding members are cross-country skiers Nathalie von Siebenthal and Mike von Grünigen. Both come and work on Simmentaler farms.

Jasmine Baumann

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