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In Thurgau a committee has formed a "yes to the fair food initiative". "The Fair Food Initiative wants to ensure that there is a wider range of good quality food products that are produced in an environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and fair working environment." For example, Kurt Egger, the chairman of the committee, set the agenda for the initiative at a media conference. The initiative focuses on incentives and information. The implementation is possible with little effort, for example through a better declaration or target agreements with the industry. Proven measures from the private sector, such as labels, need to be strengthened. Where possible, sustainably produced foods should receive preferential treatment at the border, for example in the allocation of import quotas.

Working with nature

Toni Kappeler from Pro Natura emphasized that the fair-food initiative encourages agricultural policy. It will make agriculture more successful in the medium and long term. "The realization that working with and not against nature is more successful and sustainable, has increased considerably in rural circles in recent years", says Kappeler. It is therefore not surprising that many farmers' organizations support the Fair Food Initiative.

Get to know environmental goals

Parliament will soon be involved in the further development of agricultural policy, according to a statement from the committee. The need for action was great, especially in the area of ​​the environment. The environmental objectives in agriculture are still insufficiently fulfilled. With 22 years of agricultural policy, resource-efficient, climate-friendly agriculture must be further developed. This requires alliances between farmers' circles and environmental associations. The committee consists of representatives from Greens and Young Greens, SP and Juso and Pro Natura. Bauz

The Canton of Thurgau pays part of the direct payments already at the beginning of September instead of in November. This is intended to alleviate the financial consequences of the drought.


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