BDP excludes politicians because of Hitler's tweets

He had written on Twitter that Adolf Hitler is not so – & # 39; infinitely badly & # 39; could be. Now a BDP politician from Thurgau has to leave his party.

Lucien Scherrer

The BDP local politician Thomas Keller caused a scandal a few weeks ago with his statements about Adolf Hitler: the National Socialist dictator tweeted, among other things, that the contractor based in Thurgau could not be so infinitely bad and he did not only see it. evil & # 39; in. tyrants. "Keller later relativated his statements and regrets, but it did not help him much: as the BDP Thurgau writes in a press release, the party executive has unanimously decided to compliment Keller of the party.

Keller, they say, described his tweet again as a mistake, but it still remains "a mountain of shit that makes his further political involvement within the TDC impossible." Because the BDP is "unacceptable to any trivialization of the atrocities of the Nazi regime", further explanations for doing so would not give.

In fact, the party exclusion was clear for a long time: a few hours after the tweets in question, the national party leadership of the BDP called their Thurgauer department open to initiate a party exclusion. Party chairman Martin Landolt even got the urge to demand a party exclusion via «Blick». Opposite the «St. Galler Tagblatt "Keller was disappointed with the measure: the BDP grew in his heart in recent years.

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