Bergrestaurant Aescher after the frustration termination

The successful economists Nicole (32) and Bernhard Knechtle (33) throw the towel in the ring. They no longer renew the contract for the operation of the Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli in Alpstein. Because they can not handle the inadequate infrastructure. Now everything should be better, the basis promises.

"The planned measures will certainly cost a pride of six figures," says Stefan Müller, chairman of the Wildkirchli foundation and governor. The foundation is affiliated with the owner of the restaurant and the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden.

New cold rooms and toilets

As Stefan Müller says, good storage and cold rooms are part of the plan. The sanitary facilities will be considerably improved, both for the guests and for the staff and the hosts.

A solution for the scarce water supply is not yet in sight. "The problem can be bridged by creating water via a cable car," Müller says.

Appropriate successors for the lease will also be provided for. "Saturday we place an advertisement in the ", says governor Stefan Müller, many interested parties have already reported by post and telephone.

Posted on 24.08.2018 | Updated at 20:34

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