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The Bernese Schützenmatte is no beauty: usually parked during the day and at night a gloomy place. Already in 2016, the city of Bern decided to revitalize the place. From October onwards, a temporary use of three years begins. The club "PlatzKultur" is responsible for the course management.

The association will acquire, coordinate and organize cultural, sporting, socio-cultural and experimental activities, as stated in a statement from the presidential management of the city council. The city had offered the course management in early May, which received three application files.

According to the announcement, the review panel decided unanimously in favor of the "PlatzKultur" association. The decision was subsequently confirmed by the purchasing committee of Stadtberner.
However, the allowance is still subject to the condition that the city council approves the loan for temporary use of the rifle mat.

Social hotspot

The Berner Schützenmatte is not exactly a beauty. Located near the train station, partly under a railway viaduct, the room was used for a long time as a parking space and as an entry point for travel museums.

During the day the "Schütz" was parked, at night a dark, uncertain place. Opposite the rifle mat is a medicine point and behind the viaduct, the alternative riding hall of the cultural center, which attracts a large audience, especially during the night and on weekends.

The Schützenmatte space has long been a social hotspot – a place with all the problems that this entails for the residents. For several years the rifle mat has been used in the summer months with a "Neustadt Lab", a collective art and culture space. Responsible for this was the club Neustadt Bern. This year the fourth such "Neustadt lab" is on stage.

This is followed in October by the temporary use of three years. The "PlatzKultur" club, which has now received the site management, was founded by Christoph Ris and Kevin Liechti – both active in the cultural center Reitschule. (Lub / SDA)

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