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In the night on Sunday it was on the forecourt of the riding school and on the rifle mat to abandoned scenes: policemen and party goers gave an hour long street fight.

A group of young people, who were on the forecourt of the riding school, threw beer bottles and stones at policemen and attacked them with fireworks. The police used chewing gum and pepper spray, wounded on both sides. The situation escalated shortly before midnight, the dispute lasted several hours and ended only in the early morning.

What happened? How did it come to this?

Eyewitness: That was a demonstration of power

An eyewitness who talked about the incident with the newspaper only arrived at the rifle mat at about one o'clock in the morning – when the riots were already in full swing. "Completely assembled policemen separate the front yard and the rifle bar some hours before the railway bridge through the human chain," he says. And: "Friends of mine got pepper spray even though they had not participated in the conflict."

He did not notice how it could escalate, but he was too late on the spot. Many people around him were already there, just before midnight, when a police patrol said verbally that they had to leave.

"The police are not very popular around the riding school," says the young man, who does not want to read his name in the newspaper. But he emphasizes that the police were only verbally attacked at the time, that no bottles had been flown, no stones had been thrown.

Nonetheless, the police patrol promptly asked for reinforcements: "A few minutes after the radio message, there was suddenly a whole police jacket in full gear," says a friend of our informant who was present at the time.

Thereupon it escalated, the fight had begun on both sides: the police had used "burgled" and pepper spray, the people in the forecourt had thrown stones and bottles against police and fireworks.

Everyone who "started" did not see the person exactly, probably it was "about the same time". One thing is clear: "When the dispute escalated, many people walked anxiously to the rifle or to the forecourt of the riding school."

When the eyewitness left the scene around 2:15, there was still no peace in the parapet. His verdict is clear: "For me this was nothing more than a blatant demonstration of power by the police: completely unnecessary, they only wanted to show who this boss is. & # 39;

Police: reinforcement for attack on patrol

Police spokesman Christoph Gnägi describes on request the events from the point of view of the police: a patrol of the Cantonal police Bern had been Saturday night for "preventive presence" in the current Schützenmatte space.

Shortly before midnight the police were thrown by a group of "objects" and attacked with fireworks. Among them were also hooded.

As a result, the patrol asked reinforcements, it had come to the dispute, the armed forces had used pepper spray and rubber. Several people were arrested by the police. Several police officers were injured in the incident.

Neustadt lab was spared

Juerg Luedi, project manager at Neustadtlabs 2018, surprised the escalation on the forecourt of the riding school. He was there earlier in the evening: "Everything was peaceful until midnight." At that time, the Neustadt laboratory had ceased its activities. "We did not have a big program tonight, the planned movie night was canceled because of the bad weather."

The Neustadt lab has its own security service, which regularly patrols on weekends. However, this did not affect Saturday. "It was a fight between the police and their opponents and opponents, which had nothing to do with the Neustadt lab."

As a result, the police closed the Neustadt lab. The buildings were not damaged in this way. Also, no visitors were involved in the dispute or wounded. (Berner newspaper)

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