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As of today, the organization Platzkultur is responsible for the design of the rifle mat for which the Neustadt-Lab has been responsible so far. On 20 September, the city council approved a corresponding loan of 450,000 francs for the next three years. Since the transition between the resolution of the city council and the start of the project is short, the facilities of Neustadt-Lab go into an extra round. The Polarbar, the parking pole of Holepole and Moe & # 39; s snack stall, remains active until the end of October. Even the skatepark under the bridge remains.

Unknown winter project

At the beginning of November, the club Platzkultur starts redesigning the Schützenmatte. The exact program for further temporary use is not yet known. A parking lot no longer exists, the Lunapark remains and takes place from November 16 to 27. (Berner newspaper)

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