Beromünster: Aircraft lose landing gear when taking off

Flammable incident at Beromünster airport: on 16 August, a light aircraft loses a landing gear at the beginning – and still flies with eleven paratroopers on board.

A preliminary report from the Safety Investigation Board (Sust) states: "During the take-off on the grass track, the right main landing gear was disconnected from the aircraft and as a result the pilot landed the aircraft in Dübendorf.

Paratroopers jumped off

Army spokeswoman Delphine Allemand confirms to LOOK that on that day a small private plane had to land at the military airport Dübendorf. The parachutists had jumped in the meantime. The pilot landed only on the plane, as Allemand says. "The landing was light and the pilot was unharmed."

How the pilot exactly accomplished the delicate landing is unclear. The operating company of the machine with the registration number "HB-TSA", the Paravia AG in Baar, was not available for LOOK on Friday.

«Piste with bad reputation in pilot circles»

Niklaus Wächter (65), pilot and aircraft owner, has observed countless take-offs and landings of the parachute-unwinding machine from his hangar space next to the glider track. It is in daily use except when the clouds are closed or in heavy rain, as Sentinel says. "In good weather and especially at the weekend, it starts and ends almost every 20 minutes until late in the evening.In recent years, Beromünster has established itself as a real Eldorado for professional and casual jumping horses.

The grass track with a length of 400 meters is also very scarce for aircraft with short-take and short-landing properties, says Wächter. Depending on the circumstances, the device runs over the end of the track over and over again, just as horrifying. "An estimated one meter above the access road," says Wächter. Anyway, because of their bumps in pilot circuits, she has a very bad reputation and gets swampy after rainfall.

Incident in August 2014

Already in August 2014 there was an incident at the airport Beromünster: a small plane could not leave on time and rolled into the Wiesland over the end of the runway. A spokesperson for the airport said at the time that the plane had wanted to take off in the wind and the grass path was wet. No one was injured. (Noo)

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