Brigels GR: parish protested in letter against Zöllibat

Because the Bündner Oberländer Gemeinde Brigels GR has lost his Catholic pastor Marcel K. * because of a love affair (Blick reports), the lawyer of the parish pastor is now addressing the pope directly. The 15-member parish council calls on Pope Francis to abolish celibacy.

"Have the strength to take the next steps towards the dissolution of compulsory celibacy," write the Graubünden Oberland in an open letter to the Holy Father. Pastoral care makes it very sad to lose the respected young pastor because of the obligation to celibacy.

Great anger in the community

The & # 39; dedicated & open & # 39; Pastor said after a service in mid-July that he had decided to live a relationship with a woman in public. The consequence of this public announcement is now its immediate suspension.

"We feel a great anger because the church did not find it necessary to work for the dissolution of compulsory celibacy", the Brigels wrote to Pope Francis. That celibacy is a problem today is nothing new.

The church loses "its predecessor" because he had the courage to publicly support his relationship because he was honest and credible. The shortage of priests has caused great concern for some time. And now, because of celibacy, "even the good will be lost." (SDA)

* Name of the processor known

Posted on 22.08.2018 | Updated at 6:17 PM

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