Brigels turns directly to Rome

The open letter, which also went to the media yesterday, addresses directly to the pope: for how long, the Brigelser Seelsorgerat wants to know, it will be necessary to wait until the Catholic Church takes the first steps towards the abolition of compulsory celibacy? The background to the letter is the resignation of Rev. Marcel Köhle, who revealed his relationship with a woman in July and was immediately suspended.

This news had paralyzed members of the parish at the time, according to an open letter. "It took some time to realize that our predecessor, one of us, is no longer there from one moment to the next" – because he "had the courage to openly follow his relationship because he had the power to church and communicate his decision because he was honest and credible. "The counselor further writes:" We feel a great anger because the church did not find it necessary to date for the dissolution of the obligatory order for celibacy. use. "

«The good are lost»

Brigels now asks the Pope precisely for this dedication. Pastoral care does not mean that you simply have a pastor in every parish that celebrates Mass on Sunday. The shortage of priests has caused great concern for some time; new, esteemed priests would seldom join, "and now even the good are lost." This law can not work, even for the Catholic Church.

"Be as brave as our predecessor", so the appeal to the pope; "Have the strength to take the next steps toward dissolving compulsory celibacy."

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