Burgdorf: FDP suffered shipwreck – Region: Emmental

The city of Burgdorf has built up a debt of more than 100 million francs. That is why the FDP party wanted to pull the rope and anchor a debt brake in the municipal code. In the city council debate on Monday evening, financial director Beatrice Kuster Müller (EPP) said the board has "a certain understanding" for the claim.

However, the executive power created a financial strategy that was binding. In addition, the city council has the possibility to reject cases. "A new brake is not necessary," said the municipal councilor. FDP party leader Andreas Stettler nevertheless found that Burgdorf does not belong to the 88 percent of the municipalities, which had a net fortune.

The plan of the FDP debt brake is not logical, said SP spokesperson Fabian Käsermann, because they are simple and transparent, but also allow exceptions. Not to say the GLP, besides the EPP and the Greens. "We do not want to limit the competence of the city council," said party leader Ulrich von Känel. Although the name of the BDP argued for the introduction of a debt brake, Roger Aebi also said: "The city's growth strategy should not be questioned."

With 21 no to 16 yes with one abstention the city parliament sent the FDP application for a bachab debt brake. (Ue)

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