Canton would have to donate land to the rich – day week

A heart for the rich: the LDP calls for more housing for the rich.

After the Greens and the SP, the LDP has now adopted the housing policy. "We were always awake, now we are even more alert", says city council member Raoul Furlano. A comprehensive catalog of requirements, which the bourgeois party presented on Friday, should be opposed and indicate alternatives for the left housing policy.

In recent months, however, this turned out to be universal. In June, people are directly behind four initiatives that announce more restrictions on redevelopment, lower court costs and a right to (cheap) housing. Even before that, two-thirds of Basel's constituents had decided that the canton could no longer sell land to private individuals.

Ironically, the LDP wants to topple this constitutional article again, although the ground initiative was only adopted two years ago. In the strategy document entitled "Living and working in Basel, Riehen and Bettingen", the LDP demands that the canton not only gives up its land in building law, but also sells it.

"To be able to attract financially strong residents," says the newspaper, it needs exemptions. "The incentive for investors and owners is certainly also a possible increase in the value of the property, which must also be acquired."

Master plan instead of pieces

It is a great concern of the LDP "that housing can even be created for high demands". This is more in line with the current political consensus that the main concern is for cheap rents. The aim of the promotion in the luxury sector is the better mix of the quarters for the LDP.

Reason for their own strategy, says LDP chairman Patrizia von Falkenstein, but was the tight debate about the Lysbüchel area. There, Gewerbler and SVP and parts of the FDP fight against a planned mixed quarter, because they fear the displacement from the city. To make these conflicts harmless, the LDP has thought about this:

  • A master plan for all seven transformation areas of Basel will show where there will still be commercial space in the future. With this you want to get away from the practice of discussing each area for yourself. The LDP hopes for a general picture of higher acceptance, especially from the industry side. Which legal obligations such a general plan would have remains unclear.
  • The government should also come to the suburbs of Baselbiet to talk to realize commercial areas in their community.
  • The LDP advocates a bicantonal roadmap to define future commercial and industrial areas in cooperation with the Basel region.

Colonies in the Basel area

Surprising is the requirement that Basel-Stadt should deal with commuters in Basel that are analogous to cross-border commuters from abroad. They have to pay part of their taxes in Basel, even if they live abroad. Because of this, the Swiss tax system should be thrown over, the LDP proposes to enter into agreements with Baselbiet communities.

They may look like Basel-Stadt build flats for commuters in the Basel area and participate in the tax revenues of the tenants and owners. The idea expresses a colonial spirit because Basel-Stadt has to expand its location outside the cantonal border.

The other requirements are less concrete, less deviant from today's policy. The canton must therefore create more living space for students and universities and involve architects in urban development.

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