Catcher van Rupperswil hoped for the last shot of the police

The defendant (left), convicted of the fourfold murder of Rupperswil, wants his case to be tried again before the Supreme Court of Aargau. His public defender Renate Senn now has 20 days to declare his appointment.

source: Keystone / ENNIO LEANZA

The written judgment of the Lenzburg District Court about the trial of the fourfold murder of Rupperswil is available. It also states that the accused, instead of going to jail, had hoped for a final shot by the police.

Both the lawyer of the defendant and the public prosecutor announced in April that they want to appeal. The courts of Canton Aargau want to find out after the deadline whether the accused and / or the prosecutor has pronounced or abandoned the appeal, as stated in a Wednesday message.

Life imprisonment and detention

The Lenzburg District Court sentenced the 34-year-old defendant to life imprisonment on 16 March. Moreover, the court has imposed good custody.

It condemned the accused of several crimes, most of which have been committed several times: murder, predatory extortion, deprivation of liberty, hostage taking, sexual acts with children, sexual coercion, pornography, arson, document forgery and criminal preparations for murder and other crimes.

It also required that the Swiss citizen, who lived near Rupperswil's home in his home, would pay more than CHF 1 million in civil claims, legal fees, fees and other expenses.

For the lifelong deprivation of liberty required by the Prosecution, an important condition was missing, as was stated in the judgment. The accused was not, as required by law, by two independent evaluators as permanently untreatable.

Abominable act

On December 21, 2015, the husband admitted to a house nearby in Rupperswil AG with false letters in which he was identified as a school psychologist, where a 13-year-old boy lived who was central to his pedophile desire.

Threatened with a knife he brought the boy, his 48-year-old mother, the still-sleeping 19-year-old son and his 21-year-old friend into his power, captivated them and sealed their mouths. He forced the mother to collect money from two banks.

Then he went badly with the 13-year-olds. Then he killed all four people, lit the house and went away. Shortly thereafter, on the Internet, he again sought out boys who loved him and spied on their families.

Instead of detention the perpetrator hoped for a final rescue mission

The convicted murderer had complained during the detention about the strict conditions of detention and isolation. He said that was not necessary because he did not intend to commit suicide. The judges did not agree, as they stated in the judgment in writing: "Furthermore, during the interrogation on 13 March 2018, the defendant stated that he was still one day before the arrest. […] hoped for a final rescue shot from the police. »

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