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After the decision of the federal court in December 2017, the end of the ski camp was in the room. At that time, the federal court ruled that a compulsory school camp in the Canton of Thurgau should not burden the parents too much. The court severely limited the cost sharing of parents.

Now students from Basel can breathe easier: there will be ski camps in the city canton, as the Education Department (ED) announced on Monday. The ED requests an increase of the budget of approximately 440,000 francs. The additional funds allow a significant reduction in the parental contributions. The parents only have to pay 125 francs for a ski camp of a week. The rest is taken over by the State Treasury. Up to now it was 300, – to 350, – francs.

At secondary school in Basel, the implementation of a ski camp within the three years of training remains mandatory. And sporadically, ski camps will continue to take place in the fifth or sixth grade of the primary school, according to the ED. The ski camps in secondary schools are not affected, where the contributions of the parents have no limit.

Education director Conradin Cramer (LDP) regards his decision as support for the state: "I think this exchange between city and mountain areas is very important for the cohesion of Switzerland."


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