Chur celebrates the highest Bündnerin

To speak about the Kaiserwetter would be presumptuous. On Saturday morning, a cold wind is accompanied by showers by Churer Poststrasse. But he does not change the mood. In the town hall Chureans and many business and political celebrities with white wine and snacks celebrate the new president. It is presented this year by the city of Chur: it is the former city council president and council member Tina Gartmann-Albin. The 57-year-old SP politician was elected on Wednesday by the Great Council for the President of the Council and thus the highest Bündnerin.

The mood is rising

And as the rule is, then stand in the residence of the elect or the chosen presidential celebration. After the public aperitif Tina Gartmann-Albin invited the audience to a (heated) tent on the Kornplatz. There are already sounds of the Chur Grain Square Dixie to hear, and the Chur-cabaret-flurin Caviezel juggles with the first cold, so that the humility level in the tent quickly becomes visible. During lunch, the group chairmen take a close look at the political competition.

Working again as a model

The highlight is the presentation by CVP party leader Remo Cavegn. Member Duri Campell, member of the BDP National Council, recently lost his way in his own community, S-chanf, under his wheels. "Naomi Campbell will probably have to work as a model again after her retirement", says Cavegn. And: All who would be found in Chur without the Churer Card, "have to take part in a group meeting of the SVP as a punishment".

FDP party leader Vera Stiffler jokes about the election posters of the CVP on the Churer Rotlichtmeile Welschdörfli. SVP party leader Jan Koch discusses with the FDP: "Nobody knows what President Bruno Claus does, what the group leader thinks and the editor-in-chief, Silvio Zuccolini, writes." SP Group boss Conradin Caviezel subordinated to FDP party leader Bruno Claus, that he "holds broadband for a new trouser model." And BDP parliamentarian Gian Michael lacks concrete answers from council member Christian Rathgeb. "Instead, he orders a mission and if there are open questions, they will be answered by the press chairman Zuccolini in a letter to the press. "

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