City Solothurn – Municipal Assembly could now abolish itself – News

City Solothurn – Municipal Assembly could now abolish itself – News – SRF

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  • The city council of the town of Solothurn voted for a change of political system. The result was clear with 21 to 9 votes.
  • The shop is now in December for the municipal assembly.
  • The meeting decides whether the city remains in the parish council and the council of the parish council (ordinary parish organization), or that it will change in the parliament and the city council (extraordinary parish organization).
  • If there is a yes at the change of the system at the municipal assembly, a voting round will take place. With a no it will remain in the previous system for the time being.
View of the old town Solothurn


The city of Solothurn is a special case. Despite 17,000 inhabitants, she has no city parliament. Decisions are taken by the Gemeindeversammlung. The city council consists of a full-time city chairman and 30 municipal councils.

Now talks about the abolition of the municipal assembly and the introduction of a 30-member city parliament. In the future there would be a five-member city council, each with more than 50 percent pensions. That was the proposal of the majority of a working group set up by the city council.

Arguments for a reorganization

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  • Only a small part of the population is present at the municipal assembly. A parliament would be more representative.
  • The mayor currently has a lot of power, a city council with five members could divide this power and responsibility under different heads.
  • The current municipalities of Solothurn can not control the city administration enough.

Arguments against the reorganization

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  • A parliamentary operation and a city council with five members would be expensive. Additional costs of 700,000 francs a year would be the result.
  • A community meeting is identity building. Everyone can join.
  • Even with a low participation in a community meeting, decisions are still widespread than in a parliament.

The argument ran along the party lines. Because it was called CVP GLP (the impulse for a change of system comes from their ranks), SP and Greens voted for a change, FDP (with mayor Kurt Fluri) and SVP were against. The deal was passed with 21 votes in favor and 9 votes.

The template now comes on December 18 for the community meeting. So she decides, if she wants to abolish herself. It is expected that the vote for the meeting will be voted in February 2019. At the earliest at the beginning of the new 2022 legislature, the system change could take effect.

Large municipalities without parliament

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About 20 percent of Swiss municipalities have parliaments instead of municipal councils. This model is most common among communities in Latin Switzerland. It is even necessary in the cantons of Geneva and Neuchâtel.

In German-speaking Switzerland, a parliament is usually only 10,000 inhabitants on this subject, but there is no clear pattern recognizable. In the Canton of Zurich alone, there are 13 municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants holding a community meeting. in the Canton of Aargau there are 5 municipalities: Oftringen, Rheinfelden, Spreitenbach, Möhlin, Suhr. in the Canton of Solothurn Grenchen also knows the model with a community meeting.

Rapperswil-Jona (SG), with about 27,000 inhabitants, is the largest municipality in Switzerland, which has no parliament. Baar (ZG) with 24,000 inhabitants also trusts in a community meeting.

SRF 1, Regional Journal Aargau Solothurn, 6.32 pm, vonb; braa

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