Commercial building near the main train station in Zurich is located in Vollbrand – Zurich

In addition to the main train station in Zurich, a business building caught fire on early Saturday morning. The rescue workers were deployed with a large contingent. At four o'clock the fire in the attic was under control. Nothing is known about injuries.

Rescue workers were warned at 2:16 am, a spokesman for Schutz & Rettung Zurich told Keystone-SDA news agency. The flames shot up from the roof and could be seen from a distance in the city. In a short time more than 50 emergency calls were received by the police, one from nearby Kilchberg.

When the fire brigade arrived at the scene, the attic of the house on the station square was completely on fire. The fire brigade has brought the fire under control at four o'clock. However, the extinguishing work was continued in the morning. According to the spokesman, the rescuers have no knowledge of injuries. The cause of the fire is unclear.

Video: Readers Reporter

A Keystone-SDA employee reported two clearly audible explosions in the city. These took place around 2.30 hours. A 20-minute reader reporter recorded the second explosion on video.

Video: readers' reporter 20 minutes

The police coronated the area on the station square on a large scale. The rescue workers were, according to their own information, in a large contingent in action to control the fire and prevent the spread to other buildings. The affected house is a commercial building opposite the temporary Globus. The building has been under construction for some time.

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