Digitalswitzerland: The second digital day is considerably larger

After the successful premiere in the previous year, the second Swiss Digital Day will take place on October 25 under the auspices of Digitalswitzerland ( reports). This national day of action is intended to make digitization tangible for the local Swiss population, to initiate a thorough discussion on the subject and to highlight the opportunities and challenges, as stated in a communication. The presence and patronage of federal president Alain Berset and federal councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann and the support of Ignazio Cassis emphasize the importance and pioneering role of the digital day in Europe, he said.

Man is at the center of digitization. That is why dialogue with the population is important. The digital tag records this dialogue. Experts guide people from person to person through the virtual world on the national day of action, answer questions and make the digitization process tangible in all its facets. Marc Walder, initiator of digitalswitzerland, wants to make visible the positive energy of digitization: "The digital day is meant to show the population the opportunities of digitization, but of course we do not want to hide the challenges, so dialogue with the population is extremely important. In Switzerland, we need an open, mature digitization culture that creates a positive environment, and the digital day should contribute to that. "

Man in the middle

The second Swiss Digital Day has grown considerably in size compared to the premiere last year. Already some 70 companies and institutions – an increase of 60 percent compared to the previous year – are an addition to the main partners Google, Ringier, SBB, SRG and Swisscom. The digital day is now displayed with activities in more than twelve cities. This has more than doubled the geographic presence. As a result, the day of action, which is unique in Europe, is significantly closer to the population. This is also a concern for Andreas Meyer, CEO of SBB, one of the five most important partners. For him, the focus is on the population and therefore on people: "At this year's SBB show the focus is clearly on people, because in addition to digital it always needs personal help, and digital solutions can even help us to make interactions more personal. to make. "

Birgit Pestalozzi, overall project manager Digital Day, is pleased with the big momentum: "Other companies and organizations are constantly being added as partners, and more and more cities and regions are actively participating." Apparently we are captivated by digital time the day, digitization moves people, the more we feel obliged to the digital tag motto "digital experience together" The Digital Day should be an action day for all population groups across Switzerland and bring digitalisation of the internet to the real world . "

Seven themed worlds in HB Zurich

During the digital day, a moderated program on seven different theme worlds will be implemented at the main station in Zurich, which can also be followed live on YouTube. Other hubs are Geneva and Lugano. In Basel, Berne, Chur, Friborg, Lausanne, Lucerne, Yverdon-les-Bains, Sion, St. Gallen and Vaduz, activities are planned around various thematic priorities. According to the announcement, the strong presence of French-speaking Switzerland is pleasant. Sébastien Kulling, director Digital Suisse Romande, sees clear reasons for this: "Western Switzerland, which is involved in the digital day, proves that it can exploit the enormous potential of digitization to play a key role in Switzerland and the rest of the world."

The program of the second Swiss Digital Day is constantly being developed. The current status and the list of partners are available here.

The digital day takes place outside of Switzerland: in Poland, a digital day takes place for the first time on 25 October, inspired by the Swiss original. (Pd / CBE)

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