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Last year, 42,508 girls and 44,873 boys were born in Switzerland. The most common names were Emma and Noah. This shows the published contemporary hit parade of the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FSO).

For girls born in 2017, 478 were named Emma. This replaces Mia at the top of the rankings. Sofia is the third most popular name. Lina, Lea and Nina made a big leap forward in the previous year and came from seven to twelve places.

Do you want to know if your own name appears in the list of the currently most popular 200? By clicking on the "VORNAME" column, you can sort the names in the table alphabetically. The same applies to the ranking of boys.

Here there were fewer shifts compared to the previous year than the girls. The first name Gabriel lost two places, Matteo and Ben came two places higher, so they are more popular again. However, everything remained the same at the top.

The most common male newborns are still Noah: 490 boys born in 2017 received this name. Liam (434) and Luca (360) follow in second and third place.

Different differences in the region & # 39; s

However, there are differences between the different language regions & # 39; s. In German-speaking Switzerland Noah and Mia are the most popular, in Romandie Gabriel and Emma, ​​in Italian speaking Switzerland Leonardo and Sofia, and in the Romans speaking Gian and Angelina.

Even between the cantons, the chosen first names can be very different, as our maps show. In the case of girls, for example, the most common name in Switzerland, Emma, ​​is also the most popular name in just seven cantons. In Bern (Alina), Glarus (Emily), Obwalden (Fiona) and six other cantons, however, it is a first name, which is not even in the top ten in Switzerland.

The situation is similar to the boys. Noah is the most popular name in just four cantons. In ten cantons a first name dominates, which is not one of the favorites in the whole country, including in Basel (Lukas), Schaffhausen (Loris) and Ticino (Leonardo), to name just a few.

Noah has been at the top of the most popular boy names since 2013, but is a relatively new name. For the very first time, the FSO registered it in its statistics in 1972, with 3 newborns throughout the country. Noah became more popular from the mid-90s.

At the same time, the importance of former established names such as Andreas, Peter or Markus declined more and more. Hans, for example, had more than 1900 newborns in the 1940s, today there are only five.

Even with the girls, it becomes clear that the preferences for naming change significantly over time. Emma and Mia, who are currently very high in class, were rare fifty years ago.

Conversely, first names that used to be normal are barely forgiven today. Claudia, Monika, Karin and Barbara, for example, have lost popularity with today's parents. The same applies to Maria, who was by far the most common girl's name in the sixties.

More than 100 newborns are still being called Mary every year. It is also the first name that occurs most often in the total population. There are more than 84,000 Marias in Switzerland. Behind it are the good 62,000 Daniels and 59,000 Peters.

It is striking that the top positions of the rankings of male names are dominated. So that means: for female first names the Swiss parents are more creative, they less often choose the usual names.

Also in this table you can sort the names alphabetically to see if your first name belongs to the 200 most common in Switzerland. Do not you think? Then you will find the complete list of the FSO with all 57,329 first names that existed in Switzerland last year.

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