Drunk driver without a license – Telebasel

A traveler without a license built under the influence of alcohol on the salt road in Pratteln is a self-injury. No one was injured.

According to previous findings of the Basel-Landschaft police, a 26-year-old passenger drove on the morning of Saturday, Sunday, August 26, 2018, around 1:45 am on the Salinenstrasse in Pratteln and destined for Hardstrasse.

At the roundabout he drove over the central island and drove over a traffic participant.
No one was injured. The passenger car was damaged and was parked by the driver in a garage.

The passenger was the owner of the passenger car. The alcohol test performed by the driver showed a value of 1.20 mg / l. Moreover, it turned out that the driver was not in possession of a driving license.

Because of the fire brigade, the oil spilled on the road was tied up.
Both the driver and the front passenger are referred to the public prosecutor.

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