Elections Council of States Aargau – Marianne Binder to take place for the CVP – News

Elections Council of States Aargau – Marianne Binder to take place for the CVP – News – SRF

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The meeting of the deputies unanimously and with a lot of applause nominates their group leader and councilor.

Marianne Binder is nominated

The CVP base has just appointed Marianne Binder as a candidate for the Council of States.

SRF / Stefan Ulrich

Everything went according to the party leadership script. The party leadership proposed Marianne Binder to be nominated. The delegates supported this proposal unanimously and with much applause.

From the perspective of the base, the president of CVP Aargau is apparently the only right candidate. She was humorous and able to listen, was heard from the plenary meeting. But her factual and consensus-oriented policy was praised.

Well-networked and very active

Marianne Binder has been a member of the General Council since April 2013. She has been president of CVP Aargau since the beginning of 2016. Marianne Binder knows the national politics of her work as head of communication for CVP Switzerland, underlined campaign leader Andre Rotzetter. She is politically well-networked at all levels.

Moreover, Marianne Binder represents the values ​​of the CVP very credible and she can be heard with their targeted voices. Moreover, the candidate is close to the base. She values ​​the rule of law, family policy is important to her, but also the economy and education.

Critical voices were not heard at the deputies meeting in Aarau. That Marianne Binder was nominated was to be expected. Earlier in the year, the party management had decided to present the foundation only one Einvororschlag.

Regional Journal Aargau Solothurn, 6:32 am, ulrs

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