Emma and Noah are the most popular names – TOP ONLINE

This appears from the evaluation published by the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FSO) on Monday. Of the 42,508 girls born in 2017, 478 received the first name Emma. 420 are Mia and 352 Sofia.

Among the 44,873 newborn boys, Noah (490) and Liam (434) were in the first two places, behind which Luca took third place (360).

The boy name Noah has been at the top since 2013. For the girls, Emma was in first place in 2017 and 2014.

There are differences depending on the language region. The German-speaking Switzerland has chosen Noah and Mia as leaders. In French-speaking Switzerland, Gabriel and Emma dominate. In Italian Switzerland, Leonardo and Sofia decorate the top stage. Gian and Angelina were in first place in 2017 in the Romance language area.

Even between the cantons, the chosen first names can be very different. When Noah and Alina were in the canton of Bern in 2017, David and Emily came first in the Canton of Glarus. St. Gallen chose Noah and Nina as their most common names, and in the canton of Geneva Gabriel and Sofia were at the top, just to name a few.

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