Enigmatic stitches did not take place in Basel Street

The 34-year-old Italian, who was attacked Friday morning, made false statements about the crime scene. Stitching did not take place in Baselstrasse, but in a suburb of Lucerne. The alleged perpetrator reported to the police.

Simon Mathis

The 34-year-old injured led the police on the wrong track. (Photo: PD)

The 34-year-old injured led the police on the wrong track. (Photo: PD)

One case is a mystery: apparently on Friday morning a 34-year-old man who has delivered himself in the Lucerne cantonal hospital. He had austerity. Originally, the resident in Switzerland said that Italians had said that an unknown perpetrator had attacked him in the street of Basel. Now it appears: that is not true. The attack took place in a suburb of Lucerne. The first investigations by the Lucerne police showed this.

On Friday evening, the alleged perpetrator, a 55-year-old Swiss, reported to the police. He stated that he had wounded the 34-year-old with a knife. "The first interrogations have taken place and now we secure and evaluate traces to determine the exact sequence of events," says Kurt Graf, spokesman for the police. The 55-year-old lives in the suburb of Lucerne, which has turned out to be an alleged crime scene.

"The question of how and whether the injured person has reached the hospital itself is part of the current investigation," Graf said. The injuries are not life-threatening. Whether drugs were involved in the game can not be said at the moment. Apparently now that the case did not happen on Baselstrasse.

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