Environmental protection: Swiss want 50 times surcharge for airline tickets

According to a survey, a majority of the Swiss population is open to the introduction of a ticket tax. A surcharge of 50 francs per ticket for environmental reasons would be considered appropriate.

A large part of the population is prepared to pay the resulting costs of damage to the environment and health on the price of airline tickets, the Swiss Energy Foundation (SES) writes Friday in a statement. The research institute gfs-zurich carried out a representative survey on this subject on his behalf.

Climate protection and rail traffic

60 percent of the respondents said that the subsidization of air traffic is no longer up to date. According to SES, air traffic has many fiscal and planning rights, which helps to make flying far too cheap. Passengers have so far paid nothing for the climate damage they caused.

37 percent of respondents would therefore be willing to pay 50 or more francs. 15 percent think a maximum of nine francs per ticket is enough. More than a third of the respondents have no idea how high the compensation contribution for the environment should be.

When asked what the extra money should be used for, 60 percent said that the money would have to flow to climate protection projects in Switzerland. The second most frequently mentioned goal was to promote rail transport, "so that intra-European flights become redundant".

Air ticket tax required at Leuthard

In other places, the support of climate projects in developing countries and research projects in the aviation sector followed. Between 21 June and 18 July 1019, persons in German and western Switzerland were interviewed by telephone for the representative survey.

Regulatory intervention is urgently needed, says SES project manager Florian Brunner in the statement: "Control of the price is the most effective way to curb rising demand." Politicians are being called to do this as part of the revision of CO2 law to finally introduce a plane ticket tax.

Already in April, environmental experts had imposed an obligation in an open letter to minister Doris Leuthard of Transport to levy air and kerosene taxes and to promote climate-friendly means of transport such as night trains.

Swiss is skeptical

The Environmental Alliance also reminded that frequent flyer had devastating consequences for the climate. Air traffic in Switzerland is already responsible for more than 18 percent of the climate effect created by man – with an upward trend.

Airlines such as Switzerland were skeptical about the demand for higher ticket prices. The customers would simply fly over other destinations, if the prices there were cheaper.

Swiss held on Friday on demand, she was not necessarily at higher ticket prices. But Switzerland alone in this global problem did not make sense. Swiss therefore welcomed the establishment of the global UN climate instrument for international aviation called Corsia. From 2020, Switzerland is also obliged to compensate for growth-related CO2 emissions. (SDA)

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