Escalation in the relocation dispute: the SRG threatens the competition in Bern from its own ranks

This reports the Sonntagszeitung in her current edition. The board of the cooperative establishes a task force that examines possible variants – from cooperation with other broadcasters to its own broadcasting company. This in case the SRG Board decides the step definitively. According to the new station, information program & # 39; s would be broadcast according to the SRG model.

Employees have also developed alternative plans

"If we leave the SRG, it is an option to finance media in another way, for example to invest in a radio," said Léander Jaggi, president of the SRG Bern Friborg Wallis, at the newspaper. -employees in Bern who do not want to commute to Zurich also have alternative plans.Already in the course of the no-billag mood scenarios were sketched, which could be removed if necessary The exact lay-out of the plans is not communicated at the moment, according to SonntagsZeitung for the reason, because the SRG leadership sets the tone and threatens employees who were too daring, with the announcement.

The Bernese SRG cooperative can afford the confrontation course because it is not dependent on fees. You own the building in which the Bern Radio Studio is housed. As a result, the infrastructure and the starting capital would be available to compete at any time as SRG competition.

When it does not exclude cooperation

AZ media publishers find the idea to launch their own national broadcaster "not unreasonably" – although he expresses doubts about redundancy. This is hard to do without paying for funding and DAB distribution, he knows for sure. He is, however, open to the SRG people in Bern and would not be afraid of cooperation: "If they approach us, we will check that", Wanner told the newspaper.

VR majority for relocation

In two weeks the final decision could be taken whether the SRG radio studio from Bern really had to move to Zurich. According to insiders, the Board of Directors, which has the final and decisive word, does not look good for Bern's request to stay in the capital. Demanch is said to have spoken in a first discussion, a 7: 2 majority before the move. (Hae / SDA)

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