Escholzmatt: First day of school for doctoral student and student

Not only are many children starting their school career today, but also Magdalena Küchler. In Escholzmatt the neo-teacher will give a second class. We talked to her about her anticipation, but also worried about going to school.

Chiara Zgraggen

Not only for the 16 second graders from Escholzmatt a new era starts today, but also for Magdalena Küchler. The young woman now learns a second primary school in Escholzmatt. With a friendly smile, the woman born in Sarnen welcomes us in her classroom. A warm welcome, as the young woman welcomes us, would like to go back to school. The chocolate beetles on the tables are also very inviting. The workplace far from her house appeals to her. So the teacher wanted to work in a rural area and give a first or second grade. She found the conditions in Escholzmatt.

Today it starts. We asked the neo-teacher last Friday if she was ready. Küchler: "I do not think you can be well prepared for all things". As a teacher you can always work on something. The young teacher, however, quietly takes the start of the school. "It helps that I already have experience with children," she explains calmly. The expectation of the 16 bright children's eyes would dominate. She also likes to be a "real" teacher for the first time and has her own classroom for the first time. She looks forward to the beginning of the school year. "I am always fascinated by the joy with which students come to class on the first day of school," says Magdalena Küchler. Their goal is to promote learning joy and the interest of children. This is easy for children on this level because they are generally curious, the teacher reveals. She mainly spends the first day of school with administrative work. "First all textbooks have to be distributed, and then we go straight to our class reading," she explains, pointing in the direction of a chair. There is a book and a plush mouse – apparently the protagonist of the story that will guide the students for a while.

For Küchler it was clear from an early age that she wanted to become a teacher. "It was my wish as a child to become a teacher", the 23-year-old explains her choice of profession. Because she likes to work with children, she has been involved with the Blauring for years. Another study was never open to Küchler, she says. Her house was also a talent: the mother of Magdalena Küchler regularly organizes the "holiday (s) pas", her father is a policeman. "That's a good mix for a teacher in primary education," she says with a smile. For even as a teacher one is sometimes a small entertainer on the one hand. On the other hand, you also have to be the policewoman and look for rules that have to be respected.

Teacher occupancy: balance between burnout and prejudice

what you think of the Swiss school system. As she says, all children have a talent that must be found and promoted. That is why she also likes the Swiss school system: "As a teacher you have the opportunity to individually respond to the needs of the children." The work as a teacher is discussed time after time. Magdalena Küchler is also often confronted with prejudices against her profession. For example, with the accusation that teachers should not complain about their profession, they would have more vacations than in other professions. Then comes a solid salary. The young teacher does not agree: "We work more during the week than people in other professions, and the holiday season is also the same preparation time."

As a teacher to be her own boss and to have a lot of freedom in the classroom, she enjoys a lot. Yet she sees a problem here: "As a teacher you can still prepare more, there is a high risk of overwork, which is why many teachers suffer from burnout." She shows understanding for colleagues. who give up their teacher's life after a few years. "The requirements for teachers are high. If the energy is gone and you do not like it to go to work, it is unfair to the children. & # 39;

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