Even during the job cuts the news agency SDA is threatening a renewed loss – Switzerland

It does not look good for the media company Keystone-SDA. While the only Swiss news agency is still trying to destroy almost every fourth job, the next austerity measures are already announcing themselves.

The main reason for this is that the media group Tamedia will no longer receive sport reports from Keystone SDA. Instead, a Tamedia software called Tadam extracts sports results from internet sources and prepares them for editors in such a way that they can write messages with little effort. Even reactions from players and coaches on social media are semi-automatic.

1.7 million francs will be lost with Keystone SDA. This number was communicated to the company during an editorial crisis meeting this week. This is a turnover loss of 5.1 percent compared to the previous year. How the basic provider will deal with this for many Swiss media has not yet been decided. In September, the Executive Board will decide on the future of sports editors. Today it has 26 posts.

Ongoing lost earnings

In addition, the agency is facing difficult negotiations. All major clients have terminated their contracts as a precaution, confirms business spokesman Iso Rechsteiner. Similarly, it is true that the new Keystone SDA tariff model is not ready yet. So the starting position seems at least as tense as a year ago, when those negotiations started, which led to the current wave of layoffs.

At that time the SDA wanted to introduce a new tariff. In the past, this was dependent on the requirements of the newspapers and while they are sinking, the agency has also lost revenue on an ongoing basis. The SDA wanted to calculate the online usage. The media companies had agreed to the tariff as owners of the SDA – as customers, however, they rejected him.

They even suffer in difficult economic conditions because they lose advertising income at a rapid pace. Finally, the SDA had to offer a 10 percent discount while merging with the image and video company Keystone.

Negotiations are under way

The result was drastic austerity measures, which gave months to talk in federal politics. They could now experience a new edition, especially since Keystone SDA produces more multimedia content, but has significantly reduced the number of SMS messages. With 28 percent the decline was according to the sample of a member of the editors in July.

The negotiations with the customers are now in full swing, says SDA spokesperson Rechsteiner. Management is not afraid of new savings exercises when they leave. But Rechsteiner immediately limits: "However, the economic conditions in the industry must be continuously monitored.

After all, the offer is tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer. "In July, the chairman of the Ueli Eckstein board of directors gave the slogan in an interview:" A job quota or the cost structure must be adjusted to the sales. "

This turnover could be another 2 million franc lower than the budgeted SDA. The Federal Council will soon decide on a federal interruption, which should regulate the SDA benefits for local radio and regional television. The contribution is controversial, mainly because the SDA shareholders paid out 12 million Swiss francs of shares in the context of the merger.

Again in alarm

The editorial committee sounds the alarm bells. "It was about to implement the arbitration decision on the last wave of redundancies, and we are already in alarm", says Commissioner Sebastian Gänger. "We hope that every reduction will be as small as possible and that the communication of the company will work better in the future."

In January the editorial team went on strike, which only came to an end in July through federal mediation. In social media anonymous members of the editor currently play with Galgenhumor: "Maybe we should start to knit hats for the next strike in January." There is also criticism of the fact that Tamedia is destroying the SDA – although the media group in Zürich is the largest shareholder Chairman of the Board of Directors. In Zurich, it says concisely: "Tamedia is and remains shareholder of Keystone SDA."

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