Everything is new for Migros – Baselland – Basel

The Migros branch in Gelterkinden was closed for two months. During this time it was completely renewed, now it is the most modern of the cooperative Migros Basel. Today the shopping center was reopened on Thursday.

The orange giant invested three million francs in the project. The sales area is unchanged with 2000 square meters, but everything else is new. According to René Lori of the management of Migros Basel, this location is the first of the Migros in Switzerland with a uniform floor throughout the sales area. It used to be customary to color the floors per department.

More than 35,000 items are offered, just after the entrance fresh products from the region. "These are our strengths," emphasizes Werner Krättli, chairman of the board of Migros Basel, and promises: "We want to become even stronger, even more innovative." Customers have direct insight into the sale of bakery products and meat and cheese. You can see how baked goods are made, meat and cheese are portioned and packaged. This and the more intensive operation create proximity to the customers. The bakery has a humidor that ripens the dough and allows it to develop its aroma.

Convenience food is trendy

While convenience foods are becoming increasingly important – Migros is observing this trend – it has largely abolished the outer garments in the textile sector. According to René Lori, the range for health and sport is "vastly expanded". Even more popular is Selfscan. This allows customers to register their purchases on a continuous basis and pay for themselves to the self-checkout funds. Items ordered online from the largest Swiss retailer can be picked up and returned to the customer service at the renewed Gelterkinder branch at the PickMup switch.

From now on, the center is open one hour longer from Monday to Friday (until 8 pm) and on Saturday (until 6 pm). The Gelterkinder site, which was built in 1973 – at the time with a sales area of ​​1000 square meters – and was extensively renovated 14 years ago, employs 65 people and generates approximately 30 million francs annually. Every day, approximately 2,500 customers flow through the store every working day. In the provisional phase, which existed during the construction period on the first floor of the parking garage, there were 500 to 600. The parking lot now has fewer individual parking lots, but these are wider. Another difference is traffic management, which is now easier to arrange.

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