Faculty of Theology Lucerne represents a hot autumn

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Lucerne, 22.8.18 (kath.ch) The Faculty of Theology of Lucerne is also well after the dismissal of the Old Testament Martin Mark and the resignation of the Islamic scholar Rana Nowufi, says Dean Robert Vorholt. However, further arguments are discussed. A petition, a court order and a political initiative produce explosives.

«Our faculty is well positioned. It works and is strong. Unlike most other theological faculties, we see a growing number of students, "said the dean of the" Luzerner Zeitung "on Wednesday, attributing this good performance to the" dedicated cooperation of our colleagues ".

Assistant professor Rana Alsoufi, responsible for comparative theology in Lucerne, announced this summer. Their comments are an opportunity for the faculty to "ask again how we can get better, where things can change," said the dean.

Not as desired

That is why he rejects criticism: "Here at the faculty I experience very good conflict mechanisms." Vorholt also regretted that the collaboration with the two professors, who supervised the establishment of the Center for Comparative Theology, did not work the way I wanted to. "

The rector of the University of Lucerne, Bruno Staffelbach, supported the establishment of the center with great dedication. Vorholt is convinced that the center also has a future after the departure of Rana Nowufi.

«Highly sensitive human resources»

The blanket does not exclude that the decision to turn back the University of Soufi is related to the termination of Martin Mark. "Rana Alsoufi came here when Martin Mark was still a blanket, Mark supported them, the two followed a joint course, and there is no doubt that there is sympathy and solidarity."

The dismissal of Mark is a very sensitive issue for the staff. For the time being, we can not provide information. "Marks criticism of the Theological Faculty, there are financially opaque processes, Vorholt points back:" I see no ambiguity or other grievances. "The dean assumes that the faculty will also start" with momentum and strength in the next semester "after the thing with Mark and SoiFi.

Facts on the table

But it will not be that easy for the faculty so quickly. She will have to deal with various claims on the Mark case. The green cantonal counselor Urban Frye submitted an urgent request to the Lucerne Government Council at the end of July. The questions concern on the one hand the dismissal and exemption procedure and on the other hand Mark's criticism of the management of the university and alleged shortcomings in the bookkeeping.

Even former students and students do not just want to be put off. More than 500 people have signed a protest petition by the students of the Lucerne Theological Faculty against the dismissal of Professor Martin Mark and want to make clear the background of the discharge that clear wine is poured.

Consensual solution

In addition, the Subdistrict Court of Lucerne has suspended the indemnity marks. Mark calls his dismissal unlawful. He hopes that a friendly solution will enable him to continue working at the university.

The education director of Lucerne, Reto Wyss, who is also the chairman of the University Council, supports the educational institution. He rejects the allegations against the university. The financial processes of the university are regulated and transparent, Wyss told SRF.

Quote: "There must be a considerable amount of criminal energy"

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