Farmers are afraid of more regulations for agricultural initiatives

The farmers' representatives of the SVP, FDP, CVP and BDP fear that both initiatives will bring more regulations, demands and controls to the farmers. The referenda, which will be voted on September 23, seem to go beyond the target.

Although the Green Party's Fair Food Initiative stands up for issues that also affect farmers, it said Monday at a media conference in Bern. But with implementation, this would entail new administrative barriers and bureaucratic requirements.

Even today, Swiss agriculture produces ecologically, sustainably and in the interest of animal welfare, said the National Council of Freiburg SVP Pierre-André Page, according to a statement. There is no need for new regulations.

His Schwyz faction colleague Marcel Dettling warned that an adjustment of the quality level would deprive Swiss farmers of a distinctive feature. The only difference is the price, he said.

The initiative for food sovereignty also rejects the farmers' committee because it gives the federal government many new competences. The farmers would be demoted to government employees, it said.

The Green Party's Fair Food Initiative wants a wider range of food products that are environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and produced under fair working conditions. The federal government should promote such foods and also impose requirements on imported products.

The initiative for food sovereignty of the Farmers Union Uniterre goes further: imported products must comply with the social and ecological standards that apply in Switzerland. For products that do not meet the standards, the federal government should collect tasks. He could also prohibit the import.

In addition, the federal government must take measures to increase the number of farmers and to keep the cultivated areas. And he must guarantee fair prices.

A study commissioned by the SRG, published last week, showed broad agreement on both initiatives. The voters of SVP, FDP and CVP also voted with a large majority. (SDA)

Posted on 20.08.2018 | Updated at 13:44

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