Fire on old wooden bridge

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On Saturday night it burned on the old wooden bridge in Olten. The fire department was able to quickly extinguish the fire.

On Saturday, at 6.20 pm, a passerby saw smoke on the old wooden bridge in Olten and informed the emergency center. The fire brigade and police were immediately mobilized.

The emergency services were able to detect a fire in the middle section of the bridge, which meant that the fire department could quickly extinguish Olten. Nobody was injured.

The fire started on the north side of the bridge under the wooden floor. Research into the cause of the fire is going on, informs the cantonal police Solothurn. Because of the mission, the bridge was closed until shortly after 8 pm.

It was not until the end of March that a fire on the historic bridge caused great damage. The costs amounted to several hundred thousand francs. The reason for the fire at that time was the sloppy handling of cigarettes.

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