Fire prohibition a bit relaxed despite the great risk of forest fires

In the Canton of Aargau, the general ban on forest fires is a bit relaxed again due to drought. New is the danger level 4 of 5, which means a big forest fire hazard.

Outside the forest, baking is again possible in accordance with the necessary safety measures. This includes sufficient distance to the forest. In the case of wind, shooting must be avoided because of the possible spark formation. Firing in the forest is still forbidden.

The cantonal authorities also point out that no smoking smokers and matches should be discarded. Fires must never be left unattended. They must always be completely removed.

Rainfall in the last few days would have led to further relaxation outside the forest, the cantonal headquarters said on Tuesday. As before, however, there are areas in the canton of Aargau, which only recorded a few precipitation.

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