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Presenter Nik Hartmann, "SRF bi de Lüt", remembers the year 1991: in that time he met his great love Carla and founded her. Today he says: "The story is so cheap that I am almost ashamed!" Nonetheless, the TV enthusiast has given the "SonntagsBlick" insight into how he could win his Carla for himself.

A smart move

Young Nik Hartmann was a smart fellow: he used his friends to spend time with Carla. Hartmann had watched this in 1991. They both went to the Kanti in Zug and met in the school theater: she was an actress, he was responsible for the technology.

At lunch he had the idea to see Carla outside the theater: "I did not only dare to invite her and asked others if they wanted to come with me, but I had to get rid of them." It even woke up on his boat. When Nik and Carla left the ship, she said: "Do you see that the moon and the clouds have formed into a heart?"

Soon married for 20 years

For one time the stars should not be right, but other heavenly bodies: the moon and the clouds. Because the love between Nik and Carla has remained, next year the 20th anniversary of the wedding party will be celebrated. The family happiness completes the sons Constantin, 15, Frederik, 12 and Melchior, 9.

"Perhaps the secret of our relationship is that there is no secret," says Hartmann. Communication is important for the couple: they talk a lot, call several times a day. "And she is tolerant, especially in terms of my TV adventures," adds the moderator.

Always for the TV

Carla, who works as a justice of the peace in Zug, has a steady ritual: when her husband flickers across the screen, she is always there. "I always look at him, that is a matter of honor," she says. The 46-year-old is still the same, in which she fell in love for 27, she adds. Jealousy is not a problem: "No, I do not know jealousy, even though he is worshiped by many women, that is his other life, I do not mind being in his shadow."

Why love lasts so long is probably because Nik and Carla have discovered life together before his TV career really got off the ground. "We were like soft clay – unformed, smooth and had to find us first", says Hartmann.

A terrible normal family

The youngest son of the couple, Melchior, suffers from a brain disorder that requires a lot of attention. Fears and concerns about this would not hide Hartmann and his wife from each other. "But the fact that Melchior keeps our family together is not true, he is self-evident to us," says Hartmann.

He also says about his family that this is basically & # 39; terribly normal & # 39; is – and that Carla is more organized than he is. The daily challenge with a adolescent boy, a disabled child, household and pets, work and private environment is huge, Carla replies. But despite the stress, the couple lives with a credo: it never goes to bed in a row.

The eternal love that has taken place since childhood – has the Hartmann couple found them? Carla knows for sure: "Although always is and occasionally crashes: as a couple, as a couple, we still function fantastically ».

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