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A boy stumbles during the lunch break. He leaves his grandfather and runs straight into the middle of the arena, while he rolls around with a growl in the sawdust. What is funny to look at has a symbolic character: the new generation of oscillators, she has taken the scepter. She is ruthless in research and ruthless, and it is precisely this approach that characterizes the young savages.

At Schwägalp, for the record crowd of 15 # 450 spectators, there is a 21-year-old and especially a 20-year-old who inspires the masses. One is Joel Wicki from central Switzerland, Mr. Angriff, who apparently has not heard anything from pre-bans. He missed the closing shot, because Kilian Wengers had not touched enough sawdust in the fifth fight at the back – that was what the referees saw.

The other is Samuel Giger, Monsieur Versatility, who clearly knows no bounds. The Säntis massif in the back, first he rocks the rock Christian Stucki, then he defeated Daniel Bösch in the final phase. His report of celebration in 2018 is impeccable: six participations, six triumphs, no lost equipment. "It just can not get any better," even praised the Bösch reports. Imagine what would have been possible if Giger had not had to rest for a month and a half due to hand injuries during work.

No strong points on the microphone

At the age of 20, the Thurgauer has already won 13 important festivals. "Sämi has the potential to shape the swing sport for years," says SRF expert Jörg Abderhalden. His power is impressive, tactically he acts amazingly clever. In the interview after the triumph he says he does not know what to say. He speaks of pride and calls the beautiful surroundings, and it soon becomes clear that his strengths lie in the sawdust and not in front of the microphone.

Giger is an exception in the increasingly modern scene. He has no website, does not care about social media and gives almost nothing personal. He walks through the arena without sponsorlogos & # 39; s; apparently he even hit a deal in the low six-digit range. So far Giger did not want to make any commitment, but the concentration was the now completed apprenticeship as a carpenter.

In addition to the attractive swinging style, it is his modesty and the cultivation of values ​​and traditions that appeal to the public – on the Schwägalp he spends minutes singing. Giger, who is currently the normal recruitment school and not like other top athletes who have completed the RS, has traded the longer, more equally exponents in the Bern team as a favorite for the title of King 2019 in Zug.

The new role of Bern

The Bernese, they are the reports. Regardless of the fact that Matthias Aeschbacher is equal to Bösch in position 2 after five courses, but as a guest understandably not taken into account for the final round. In the years leading up to this season, the dominant division won 13 of the last 15 mountain festivals in which he was represented with a delegation, he must be content with the Schwarzsee victory of Stucki in 2018.

It is no longer as it used to be, the competition has overtaken it and further important reductions according to Matthias Sempach can not be ruled out in the medium term. Team boss Peter Schmutz says his team should still be counted on every festival. But he also knows: "We will probably play a slightly different role in the future."

Christian Stucki does not like that. At about 1300 meters above sea level he wants to close one of the last holes in the impressive Palmarès, but he has to settle for fourth place. He loses a lot of energy in the morning, and with good reason: he is not suspected of being a Duracell rabbit. He will take a new start; in any case, he does not want to know about the resignation: "I have to move, otherwise the stomach becomes too big." He will not easily make way for the new generation.


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