Giger delights the masses St. Galler Tagblatt

Samuel Giger wins the Bergschwingfest on the Schwägalp. For 15.550 spectators, 20-year-old Thurgauer defeated Daniel Bösch in the final round with his special weapon Kurz. However, the greatest strength of Giger is very different.

Ives Bruggmann, Schwägalp

  Samuel Giger (left) defeats the winner of last year's Daniel Bösch in the last round. (Photo: photo's: Urs Bucher)

Samuel Giger (left) beats the winner of last year's Daniel Bösch in the last round. (Photo: Photo & # 39; s: Urs Bucher)

15450 spectators on the Schwägalp look closely at the two finalists. The last fight of the day really takes the audience again. First the surprise attack by Daniel Bösch, Samuel Giger is at the last moment on the side and freed himself on the ground over the bridge of the link. Applause for the 20-year-old. After the bumpy start Giger rises from minute to minute, until he landed in the ninth Bösch with a short train. Typical for Giger: when it comes down to it, he takes the chance. It is this mental strength that makes him the best performer today. And the most popular, as is shown shortly after the victory. Because the volume in the arena is at its peak at the moment.

Jörg Abderhalden, jumper-king, is impressed by the achievements of Giger: "Especially what he showed in the last two rounds against the heavyweights Christian Stucki and Daniel Bösch, is the highest class." In the fifth round against Stucki, the Thurgauer is also the first in reserve. After several attacks by the Bernese it is Giger who can enforce and win. "His greatest strength is his will to win," says Manuel Strupler, technical director of Thurgauer Schwinger. "He desperately wants to win and can therefore mobilize all his powers." Moreover, Giger is a kind of competition that does not shy away from the challenges, but literally searches for them. "He was looking forward to comparisons with the strong guests and was very motivated for the swing festival", says Strupler.

Giger & # 39; s gears are highlights

Giger falls on the swinging stage, so reserved he presents next to it. He does not like being the center of attention. In training, Giger does not want special treatment and attaches great importance to the cohesion within the team. It is these qualities that make Giger the darling of the crowd – at least on Schwägalp. The man of Ottoberg was particularly enthusiastic about his powerful, explosive performance in the sawdust. The six courses are all part of the swinging highlights of the wreath festival at Schwägalp. In the first gear he presents with the central Swiss Joel Wicki. Despite the draw, the two young top favorites know the jury members and the public to convince. Both vibrators give themselves nothing while grasping the handle. Although they try to attack several times, but no one is surprised and neutralizes the two fast-moving athletes. As a reward there is the rank nine and lots of applause. In the following courses against Simon Röthlisberger and Benji from Ah Giger meets the duty. He even starts freestyle against the Berner Christian Gerber. In a spectacular way, the Thurgauer overcomes the hitherto first-ranked first time that it is really loud in the arena. Giger only misses a victory until the final stage of participation.

No defeat at wreath festivals

With his second Schwägalpsieg Giger closes the season without wringing garrison, but with six wins in six participations. Besides the main actor of the day, St. Gallen Bösch is particularly convincing from the point of view of Eastern Switzerland. Although he loses in the swing against Stucki, but succeeds in four successes in series participation in the pure Northeast Swiss final, where he nearly overtook Giger with his attack, especially in the beginning.

Of the guests, the Central Swiss Wicki leaves the strongest impression. Two years after his broken leg he takes the second place in the same place – without defeat. Even Giger found no recipe against the Entlebucher. "He can be even more versatile", says swinging King Abderhalden the only weak point Giger. He too can improve himself.

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