Giger wins sensationally on the Schwägalp

Samuel Giger wins the Schwägalp for the second time

Source: Keystone / MELANIE DUCHENE

Samuel Giger is the superior winner of the Bergkranzfest on the Schwägalp, the highest and lowest point of the swinging season. In the last phase, the 20-year-old Thurgauer defeated the Daniel Bösch from St. Gallen.

The duel between the now six-time winner Giger and Bösch, the Unspunnen winner of 2011, lasted longer than many had expected. In the ninth of a maximum of twelve minutes Giger brought the decisive irresistible short train.

The road to the overall 13th wreck victory of the career and the second to the Schwägalp Giger paved in 5th gear. He fought there against the Seelander Hünen and the current Unspunnensieger Christian Stucki. The game became the highlight of the entire party and probably also of the season. Giger was in distress three times before he succeeded in his first massive attack. Giger did one thing this season: due to injury interruptions, he could only participate in six wreath festivities, but he won them all.

The other favorites Joel Wicki and wrestling king Kilian Wenger held the fifth gear in the race for the final victory. However, they were then assigned to each other. Wicki dominated the Bernese Oberland at the Unspunnenfest last year, but the young Entlebucher had no valid result.

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