Grossbrand at the main station of Zurich – view

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In the immediate vicinity of the Zurich main station there were several explosions on Saturday morning at about 2.10 am. BLICK reader reporters report a fire that can be seen in the city of Zurich. The Stadtpolizei Zürich confirmed the fire at the request of Blick.

The power of the explosion was violent: "Rubble was thrown at 200 meters," says Marco Cortesi, media spokesman for the city police in Zurich, to BLICK. "It was the upper part of a gas bottle, it spit on the Bahnhofstrasse".

Site closed due to danger of collapse

The area was evacuated over a large area. City police and fire brigade stay with a large number of people. The tram and bus transport between Central Station and Central continues to be seriously disrupted. The reason: "There is an increased risk of collapse due to the fire," says Ivo Bähni, spokesman for Schutz & Rettung, about LOOK. The City Police Zurich asks "all road users to drive through the city on a large scale".

It remains unclear whether someone has been injured in the fire. But: "At the moment there is no evidence of injuries," Bähni said. It is also unclear whether the building was uninhabited. According to recent findings of the police and prosecutors, there are no concrete indications of a crime. The affected building has been under construction for several months.

The connecting underpass of the Landesmuseum to the Rudolf Brun bridge will remain closed until further notice due to an increased danger of collapse of the affected building. It is also to be expected that public transport in the area of ​​the main station will be affected. The Coop on the station bridge will remain closed until further notice due to the missions of the rescue workers.

Policeman suffered hearing trauma

The rescue workers are currently looking for the house. During the explosion, a policeman in the vicinity of the building suffered a hearing trauma that was medically illuminated during the day.

It burned in the building Bahnhofplatz 1 & amp; 2: The area near the main station is turned

It burned in the building Bahnhofplatz 1 & 2: the area at the central station was shut down.

The biggest flames could be extinguished in the meantime, so Bāhni. "But we continue to fight against individual smoldering nests." The fire is actually "under control". The house was largely damaged by the fire. Parts of the building have collapsed. "The material damage will be immense," estimates Bähni.

«People are shocked»

A LOOK reader reporter on location describes how he experienced the moment of the explosion. "I just arrived by taxi in front of my hotel near Zurich Central, when a huge explosion took place in the opposite building." The upper and upper floors were immediately absorbed into flames.

The affected building is the company of Data Quest AG. The licensed Apple reseller sells and repairs in-store iPhones and other devices from the Californian smartphone maker.

The exact cause of the big fire is still unclear. In this connection, the City Police of Zurich searches around people who had made suspicious observations around 2.15 pm before the fire broke out at the station quay. You are kindly requested to call the city police on 0444 117 117. (Nim / szm)

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