Groundbreaking ceremony for Stichstrasse –

The Stichstrasse Näfels-Mollis was approved with the multi-year program 2010-2019 at the Landsgemeinde 2008. This was stated by Regierungsrat Kaspar Becker on the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony on Monday morning in Näfels. This was followed by long clarifications, negotiations, discussions, orientation of the population, preliminary projects, approval of projects and work forgiveness. The Stichstrasse is a large and important mosaic stone in cantonal traffic planning and should once contribute to the traffic jam, continued the director of the building. He particularly thanked Christof Kamm, head of the Civil Engineering department, for many years that he has handled this project.

Critical thoughts about the new road

Mayor Thomas Kistler is happy from the perspective of the community that this road finally comes. It opens the development area Escherpark, the large new residential areas in Näfels and Mollis, the planned area for new jobs in the southern Riet. Kistler hopes that the new road will hopefully ease the village center of Näfels near the Freulerpalast. He also expressed some critical thoughts. So he found the eight-year period since the resolution was difficult to understand. But better roads also caused more traffic time and time again, according to the mayor. It was therefore important to make Schleichwege harmless and to protect the new areas. So he is afraid that from the end of the Stichstrasse traffic is looking straight for Netstal through the south of Näfel's new roads and there is more traffic in Mollis towards the airport. Finally, it must also be found for well-functioning solutions for slow traffic. That is why the canton is required to participate financially in the new underpass at Näfels / Mollis station.

Slender bridge over the tank ditch

In a first phase until about spring 2020, the part north of the supply line to the lower Linth bridge must be constructed. This section also contains a 30-meter-long, slender concrete bridge over the tank slot. Halfway through 2021 the work will follow in the Escherpark and on the Molliserstrasse. Moreover, the new side street has to illuminate the center of Näfels, the side streets and especially the area around the station. The calculations assume a reduction of approximately 2000 vehicles per day. The accompanying measures in Mollis in the Kanalstrasse-Netstalerstrasse section and in Näfels at the Tschachenstrasse are designed to counter the creeping traffic. The corresponding detailed planning will be tackled this autumn in cooperation with the municipality, so that the measures are implemented until the planned opening of the Stichstrasse.

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