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Health Campus for 70 million francs: Klinik Arlesheim is planning a new building – Baselland – Basel

In the midst of discussions about the merger of the University Hospital of Basel with the cantonal hospital Baselland, a small regional hospital is attacking. The anthroposophic clinic Arlesheim is planning a new building with 36 patient rooms. He will replace the current main hospital building at Stollenrain, the former clinic of Ita Wegmann. In general, the private clinic plans to invest CHF 70 million in the future health campus. The Lukas clinic has been preserved, but is being renovated. The plans for the new building offer 36 beds, with a maximum occupancy and double occupancy of the rooms is possible. Together with the Lukas Klinik and other services, the campus in Arlesheim will comprise around 100 beds in the future.

The management of the clinic presented Wednesday the winning project of the architectural competition in Arlesheim. The Swiss-Dutch consortium of offices Metron (Brugg) and Kopvol (Rotterdam) had the upper hand with the proposal "butterfly" against twelve competitors.

Philipp Schneider, chairman of the board of directors of Arlesheim AG, said at the presentation of the winning project that it was not easy to give the teams a clear order. «We were wondering: how can you build an anthroposophic clinic? There are no role models. We also did not know what exactly is expected of us: a small Goetheanum? »

The winning project is not anthroposophical, but conventional, at least external. Concrete elements characterize the tiled facade of the two- and three-storey building, which is surrounded by a park. The roof extends and protects the balconies of the patient rooms from wind and weather. The map looks like three squares that have been pushed together. That leaves room for two courtyards.

Anthroposophical can be found in the patient rooms. They have a sloping ceiling that increases in height from the window to the hallway. The curved, "uneven" ceilings are also a reason why all patient rooms are on the top floor. There is also a kind of roof window in the roof – patients can absorb daylight from two sides. A large part of the walls is covered with wood. The bed can be placed freely in the room.

The jury of the competition already gave specifications for the design of the space. Only they related to the patients and their origin. The spatial form should promote the healing process, said Lukas Schöb, medical director of the clinic: "Ill people need protection and safety, the rooms must be a protective shell, so they are also on the top floor – where the least use is . »

Architect Daniel Kündig, who chaired the jury, is convinced that the construction of Arlesheim's new clinic will be a role model: "We can do pioneering work here – create something that does not exist in the Swiss health architecture."

Because the big party is not enough

In 2014, Arlesheim's clinic arose from the merger of the Ita Wegmann clinic and the neighboring Lukas Klinik. The focus is on internal medicine and oncology. Haus Lukas specializes in psychosomatic medicine and psychiatry.

In 2021, Arlesheim's clinic will be 100 years old. For the jubilee year it will not be enough to go to the new building, probably it will be completed in 2022 or 2023. Then the preliminary project starts. Because the new building will be located next to the previous main building, the company will continue to operate normally.

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