Heroin, cocaine, hemp: Basler FDP calls for full legalization

The ban on hard drugs does not work, says the Basler FDP. The medicines were still on the black market in Switzerland. That is why liberals now demand that all drugs be legalized. Not only cannabis, but also harder drugs such as cocaine or heroin. That would be the most radical change in addiction policy since 1992, when the controlled release of heroin was legalized.

This step is necessary, according to the FDP Basel-City. "Dozens of years of prohibition could not disable the drugs", "Northwestern Switzerland" quoted the party driver. "On the basis of the individual's freedom to harm themselves, medicines must not be banned, but legalized, controlled and taxed," says the party program that was passed on Monday. The main goal was to remove the basis of the suffering black market. However, the Narcotics Act is nationally anchored.

«Medicines must be freely available»

The Balser FDP wants at least a 'food for thought' & # 39; offer, says the Basel FDP council member David Jenny. Because the drug scene has changed. Today no longer dominates destructive heroin, but cocaine, synthetic drugs and cannabis.

The FDP president of Basel, Luca Urgese, has a radical idea of ​​how sales of medicines should work: "If it were up to me, all drugs would have to be delivered to the counter", he says to the "North-West Switzerland" . "That does not necessarily have to be in Migros or in Coop, but for example in the drugstore." Because it is the responsibility of each individual to decide which substances to take. But he could imagine that the authorities would make so-called blacklists with particularly vulnerable people.

The search experts are divided on the shared advice of the Basel proposal. Thilo Beck, psychiatrist's chief physician, Arud Center for Addiction Medicine, is very satisfied & # 39; about the idea. Getting cocaine is easy today. "Nevertheless, the entire market is in the hands of the black market, which does not take consumers into account."

On the other hand, Eveline Bohnenblust, head of the addiction department in Basel, is skeptical. She would only limit the project to cannabis.

Idea meets the FDP Switzerland with little attraction

In the case of the parent party, the proposal comes in the least in favor. Party chairman Petra Gössi is against a release, although she no longer leads as a restrictive course as before. The Bernese FDP National Council Christian Wasserfallen regards solution of the Basler liberals in the field of drugs for little effective. Even the Zurich FDP National Counselor and health politician Regine Sauter, the legalization plans go too far. It is indeed in favor of liberalization of cannabis – but with a regulated market, with clear requirements for the protection of minors and prevention. (SGA)

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Farmers should be able to grow and export cannabis for medical purposes. That is what the Federal Council wants. KEYSTONE / AP / JAE C. HONG

The federal council wants to export cannabis for medical purposes

The Federal Council wants to enable the cultivation and export of cannabis for medical purposes. He asks Parliament to accept a motion from the National Counselor Christa Markwalder (FDP / BE).

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