On Saturday morning a tragic mountain accident took place in the surroundings of Flüe in the Prätschwald near Arosa. A young man collapsed. He wanted to kill himself and die.

A 22-year-old amateur hunter and his father left the hunting lodge on Saturday morning shortly before 5.30 am to place themselves individually on the respective high seats. When the young man was not available by telephone and he had not returned, the operational control center of the canton police station Graubünden was warned at noon.

The father went independently to the rocky area Flüe in the Prätschwald, looking for the son. An alarmed SAC member, who happened to walk the dog on foot through the area, set off to the suspicious scene of the accident, where he met his father. The dog was able to smell the missing person and led the savior to the site.

The disengaged team of the SAC Rescue Station Arosa rose to the victim at 2.30 pm. This was at the foot of the rock on a larch. Unfortunately, only his death could be determined.

Due to the bad weather conditions, the fatal hobby hunter was eventually salvaged by the Rega crew around 5 pm. In addition to the SAC rescue station Arosa, the search consisted of an emergency physician from the AAA Alpine Air Ambulance, a rescue team from the Alpinmedic base Arosa, members of the Arosa fire brigade, a game warden and the cantonal police.

The hobby yacht in Switzerland reads like a war report.

  • On a multi-year average, four are killed by hunting accidents per year in Switzerland.
  • Since the start of the BFU statistics (in the year 2000) there are a total of 57 deaths in Switzerland (from 2016). So every 3.5 months dead because of the hobby yacht.
  • The cause of death was a decrease in height in 80% of cases, namely. a crash in the field (with the hunting weapon). In 4/56 cases the cause of death was a (self-inflicted) gunshot wound, in the rock wall of 3/56 and in 4/56 cases the cause of death is unknown.
  • In the years 2011-2015, a total of 1,526 injured per accident insurance were registered by means of hunting accidents. Most accidents (> 90%) occurred in Switzerland and concerned men. (An accident happens in Switzerland every 29 hours because of the hobby hunt).
  • Even in the case of injuries, the cause of the accident is the most common cause, and bullet wounds caused by a projectile are rare.
  • A weapon was involved in approximately every 6th injury case. A quarter (of these injuries) resulted in hearing damage and half of them were "affected by something", usually minor injuries such as cuts and tooth breaks, i. presumably the persons who were injured directly by the weapon and were not injured by a long shot, which indicates serious training backlogs.

And again, a hobby-hunter-father has put his son in trouble. If there were regularly so many injured in the police or in the army, almost no one would talk about responsible hunting.

IG Wild at Wild is a non-profit community that is committed to the sustainable and non-violent improvement of the relationship between humans and animals, whereby the IG also specializes in the legal aspects of nature conservation. One of our main concerns is to introduce a contemporary and serious game management modeled on the Canton of Geneva in the cultural landscape – without hobby fighters but with fair game managers. The monopoly on power belongs in the hands of the state and is not delegated to hobby-hunters' gangs.