Hochparterre – Press review – 300 years old House of Music

A visualization shows how the music rooms will look under the roof.

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The more than 300-year-old monumental Sigristenhaus building in Künstlerhaus Boswil is being converted into the Haus der Musik & # 39; The «Luzerner Zeitung» reports.

The more than 300-year-old, monumental Sigristenhaus in Boswil is being converted into the "Haus der Musik" for almost 5.4 million francs, reports the "Luzerner Zeitung". The building, which belongs to the Künstlerhaus Boswil, consists of a living wing and a tent with a stable. Since 1979 it has been under cantonal conservation. The renovation project was designed by the architect Gian Salis, who has already extended the old church in Künstlerhaus Boswil 2017 with a foyer. "We get as much of the original wood as possible, as possible," Salis tells the newspaper. "In the heart there are two music halls on the top floor of the building and extend to the ridge of the roof", writes the Luzerner Zeitung. "Upstairs there are seven modern bedrooms with bathrooms for the guest musicians." On the ground floor are offices, meeting rooms, the archive, a workshop and the warehouse. The conversion will open in 2020.

Further news:

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