Hofstetten: 650th anniversary celebrated – Region: Oberland

Mayor Erich Sterchi, in his speech at the Stamstag, marked the long road from the place Hofstetten – 1368 as imperial loan component of the Ringgenberg government – fragmentary for the contemporary independent community. The poor farmers and woodcarvers had to endure a lot of bad weather due to bad weather, torrents or potato blight over the centuries. "The Hofstetter have taken the plot of land out of hard labor of nature and have always fought for their independence," Grossel Ueli Abplanalp emphasized in his words of greeting with a swipe against the centralization efforts of the Federation and the canton.

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The fact that the town council of Hofstetten had the greatest need in 1933, when the promised funds left Bern, sought refuge in creative means and circulated its own currency as a means of payment, proves the courage to be independent today. On the occasion of the anniversary the old towel was re-released: the visitors of the festival received a fresh voucher from the community for the "purchase of zest for life". With a view to the future, Sterchi confirmed the will for the further development and autonomy of the community and thanked the dedicated courtiers for their work for the good of the community.

The pupils of the school Brienzwiler-Hofstetten-Schwanden had practiced and presented the Trauffer-song "Heitere Fahne" to celebrate the day. Words made for the jubilee of the congregation: "The place at Dr. Wold w should be born and listened to." Or, "I will bring wothi into life, do not bring me any danger and no hand – or power and a handshake." Sterchi encouraged his fellow citizens to bear in their hearts the words of their local alpine tanner.

Congratulations and bank

Congratulations from the government brought council member Christine Häsler. She praised cohesion and solidarity as supportive elements of a community that allowed healthy development at all levels in harmony with good governance. When asked about the issue of mergers between communities, she called for foresight, voluntariness and independence as important conditions. The community leaders of the upper Brienzeseegemeinden and the Haslitals brought a sculpted bench, "to rest and think about a beautiful place", as the chairman of the Brienzer city council Peter Zumbrunn grinned.

From Peter Stähli, Gsteigwiler, the Hofstetter received a flag with the municipal coat of arms; she hung at the 1964 Expo on the site in Lausanne. As thanks, Erich Sterchi thanked all well-wishers for a Trauffer cow. (Berner newspaper)

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