How erotica becomes a trilingual reality! – Promotion: advertorials

It is every man's dream: having sex with three. Well, not only men are a bit extra in bed – according to a study by condom manufacturer Durex he wants every third woman. But how do you find each other when it is difficult enough for two? On platforms like The Casual Lounge, women and men share their secret sexual fantasies and look for hot dates that can come in handy. If you put the cards on the table from the beginning, you have a good chance to land with the right partners in bed.

In turn: at The Casual Lounge it is not only about finding the perfect team for the hot trio. Women and men search anonymously for individual profiles – and they decide who reveals their erotic snapshots. The profile offers enough space to formulate his sexual desires and bring fantasies to the floor – like the hot threesome. Whether it is couples or singles: who fits together is presented to each other through their own matching system. At the same time, everyone can search and browse through other profiles.

Thanks to The Casual Lounge, erotic fantasies are not just thoughts. Why would they find suitable dates to swim in bed on the same wavelength when it is so easy? The idea of ​​the trio is exciting: not just two, but three people who give in to their lust, even more strange skin in themselves, more adrenaline, more ideas, more highlights. Come on, The Casual Lounge is full of women and men who just like having sex with three. The Casual Lounge brings them together – but does not solve any questions: to you or to me?

TheCasualLounge is known from the Swiss television:

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