Interlaken: Pilot because of the environment – Region: Oberland

"All hazardous waste that is disposed of properly does not end up in the forest or in our waters, and we take into account the pilot test of hazardous waste with the label Energiestadt Interlaken," explains Andreas Michel, head of the Bauamt yard. Interlaken, out. This was motivated by Avag, the waste recycling company.

"Avag is currently trying to motivate communities in their catchment area to collect large amounts of hazardous waste, focusing on the idea of ​​environmental protection, for example, Pilot Trials in Frutigen or Kandergrund went very well," says Werner Grossen, member of the board and head marketing / sales at Avag Thun. The intention is to continue to carry out regional organized and coordinated collections together with the municipalities in the future, according to Grossen.

For optimization

Tuesday, residents of the municipality of Interlaken can take hazardous waste, such as paints, detergents, pesticides, medicines or household batteries, to three central collection points. "We are amazed at the quantities that are being spent, particularly on paints and varnishes," says Werkhof boss Michel.

On the normal day of hazardous waste in April they collected nearly nine tons, in previous years between eight and nine tons each. "However, this waste came from the Interlaken region, all the way to Beatenberg and Därligen," says Michel.

Limited parking

However, the pilot project is intended for residents of the municipality of Interlaken. In the advertisement in the Government Gazette, the residents were asked to bring their containers with special waste on foot or by bicycle to the collection points in the Ostbahnhof, Amman-Hofer-Platz or Reithalle Waldeggstrasse.

Because the parking facilities for cars are limited. Michel: "We want to test how the pilot project works and what needs to be optimized." After the regular special waste date in April 2019, we want to take stock and set the course again.

Eventually you will involve other communities in planning and even cooperate regionally. And Werner Grossen, Avag, adds: "In the future, citizens must be able to hand over their hazardous waste several times a year."


The municipal village team receives the packages on Tuesday and delivers them to Altola in Olten. The company, which specializes in the recovery of hazardous waste, has its own specially trained staff and promotes proper disposal with the slogan "personal, sustainable and legally compatible". (Berner newspaper)

Created: 16.10.2018, 07:36 clock

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