Interviews in the Vincenz case are continued: prosecution delayed until 2019 – company

Pierin Vincenz has suddenly appeared in public this week. The ex-Raiffeisen boss, who had been detained for months, had an appointment with the Zurich public prosecutor. The journalists of "20 minutes" apparently got air and adjusted it at the entrance. But the hunt quickly disappeared in the belly of the building and left the speech to his defender Lorenz Erni. However, this just laughed nicely into the camera and said nothing useful.

To keep your mouth shut is one of the style of the famous lawyer. Behind the scenes, Erni is more communicative, so at least describe him as a good companion. One of his specialties is to abuse mistakes made by the public prosecutor.

In the case of his well-known client, this could mean that as soon as there is information in the media, it is assumed that the public prosecutor has released the information to the public. Erni's goal: undermine the credibility of the researchers at their department head Marc Jean-Richard-dit-Bressel.

Zurich's public prosecutor is aware of this and therefore tries to prevent evidence from becoming public. It threatens the parties serious consequences when they pass documents. This is evident from a letter sent by Jean-Richard-dit-Bressel to all parties involved in the proceedings.

The media reports seem to annoy the public prosecutor. In the letter he speaks of an "excessive" report. The order of the public prosecutor is valid for the coming twelve months and can be extended further.

A person who wants to comment on the case is Peter Forstmoser. The law professor wrote a report for Raiffeisen almost ten years ago, which has damaged his reputation. The star lawyer had to assess a delicate private case of Pierin Vincenz, who is now the center of the criminal investigation.

At that time Vincenz and his business partner Beat Stocker participated previously and secretly in the company Commtrain, which was later bought by Aduno. Vincenz and Stocker were then chairman of the board and CEO of Aduno. The two have not announced their interest in Commtrain for Aduno.

Because rumors about the secret cases were being circulated, Vincenz gave this report in Forstmoser to the former Raiffeisen president Franz Marty in advance, who found no violation of the law.

Peter Forstmoser wrote in an e-mail: "Unfortunately – because of professional secrecy – I can not give any information about the content of my report, and I hope that it will soon be available to the public, so that the assumptions and insinuations stop." ;

Forstmoser and the report

It is interesting that Peter Forstmoser carried out the report on behalf of the Raiffeisen, although Commtrain was bought by Aduno. The question of whether this was not strange to him, that Raiffeisen paid the report and not Aduno, leaves Forstmoser unanswered.

Voluntary dismissal of Raiffeisen CEO Patrik Gisel

Voluntary dismissal of Raiffeisen CEO Patrik Gisel (contribution of July 2018)

Gisel, for example, takes the Vincenz affair from the line of fire and wants to save the bank's reputation. Experts find the step much too late.

In a recent interview with the "World Week", the professor of the law made the remarkable statement that Commtrain had been bought by Raiffeisen. A confusing statement for the polished lawyer. When asked, Forstmoser says: "The company was indeed bought by Aduno (…). Raiffeisen was involved with Aduno, in other words an indirect acquisition." But: Raiffeisen never lost more than 25 percent of the card and never the sole control.

The report is a central element that later became a problem for Pierin Vincenz because it proves that he was active on two sides. This is also the basis of the persecution. Observers believe that an indictment can be expected at the earliest next year. It is also possible that no costs are charged. For Vincenz and all others involved in the procedure, the presumption of innocence applies.

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