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the SRG is under increasing pressure because she wants to move parts of the Bern Radio Studio to Zurich. Affected are about 170 jobs. Politicians from all camps, such as Adrian Amstutz, Kurt Fluri or Christian Levrat, criticize the plans. Even the Zurich Council of Government, Jacqueline Fehr, is committed to the Bern location. On Thursday there will be a protest action on the Bundesplatz. The board of directors of SRG is busy relocating in September or at the end of the year.

Mr Leuthard, do you stick to the movement of the radio studio despite the enormous resistance?

The decision of the board of directors of SRG has not yet been taken. If there is none, no world collapses for me. Yes, but I would find it better. The move is logical from an economic and journalistic point of view.

Will the SRG not be regarded as a pure Zurich medium through the move?

I understand these fears. For federalism within the SRG, it does not matter whether the foreign reporting comes from Bern or Zurich. Much more important, as we report from the regions & # 39; s. We want to expand the regional editors everywhere and expand the reporting. Moreover, the editorial office of the Bundeshaus and the radio editors remain in the interior of Bern, even with a move from the studio. A small part of Zurich's new domestic editorial office will also come to Bern. Zurich as a location is absolutely not blown up. Next year, with the opening of the new cultural center, 170 jobs will be relocated from Zurich to Basel.

Why is the movement of the radio people so important to you?

We need to bring digital development into the news. This is only possible together. the radio With podcasts and smartphones, there is a big future.

Smart Speakers?

These are devices such as Alexa or Google Home that you can talk to. I can say: Alexa, play me the latest SRF radio news. And then this happens through the device. This opens new possibilities for the digital use of the radio.

Technicians and no journalists are needed in Zurich.

It needs both. We want to control the development hand. With the newsroom that we are currently planning, journalists, digital developers and graphic designers, design or documentation experts need to be brought closer together.

What do consumers enjoy?

You will be informed faster and more competent, especially in the digital field.

As a result, SRG will compete even more with publishers on the internet.

We want to become better in the digital sector. But we will concentrate on audio and video content and greatly reduce text content. The competitive situation with publishers will be even smaller.

You just need the Bernese radio people in Zurich because they have the better reputation.

It irritates me that it is repeatedly claimed that Leutschenbach's journalistic quality is worse. That is excuse for the expression, nonsense. We all work according to the same journalistic guidelines and quality standards. Moreover, we can learn from each other. In the new editorial structures with specialized editors, for example, we used the organization of our radio colleagues in Bern as a model: today the editors of Tagesschau, 10 to 10 or Switzerland are currently largely autonomous. In the future, people will produce for different broadcasts and the digital sector.

Will radio broadcasters contribute to television in the future?

The foreign editor of the radio certainly will not work for the "Tagesschau", even if she would come to Zurich. In any case, it is not the intention to include the specialist and broadcasting editors in the editors. The internal competition between radio and TV is still important to us.

Why is the move so important? Is not it just about saving?

Not only, but in addition to the journalistic considerations, the move is also a savings project. For this purpose, the SRG has a mandate from the Federal Council, which reduced costs and lowered our share. SRF In itself a real estate savings program of 12 million francs developed. 7 million are booked by Zurich, 5 by Bern.

That is small considering the 100 million SRG that wants to save every year.

That is one third of the 30 million that SRF has to save. And from our perspective, it is better to save on real estate than on people. If the radio studio remains in Bern, the money must be kept differently. Presumably jobs will then be reduced. In the event of a relocation, more than 500 SRG people would still work in Bern, including 170 journalists.

Should the successor of SRF director Ruedi Matter not have to say whether he supports the removal plans?

The SRG must save as soon as possible. And the newsroom project has been put forward for years. It does not matter who becomes the new director.

Have you signed up?

No. My children are still too small. My father's role is, as I understand it, incompatible with the position of SRF director. Moreover, I do not fully see myself in the requirements profile, as defined by the SRG.

Does it need a journalist or a manager?

I am a journalist with heart and soul. I believe that with the redefinition of public services and the unrest in the media landscape, issues such as journalistic quality and journalistic quality are crucial. That is why it would be useful in my opinion if someone with a journalistic and journalistic background would get the job.

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