Kangaroos and umbilical cord: these are the 17 most bizarre police reports from Aargau

Kangaroos and umbilical cord: these are the 17 most bizarre police reports from Aargau

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50 firefighters for no burning TV

Large-scale deployment in Wohlen: in the night of 27 September 2011, more than 50 firefighters moved to a single-family home. A resident reports that the TV is lit. Fortunately, that is not the case; there is only a chimney fire animation program at a German private station.

Why does the aggressive man have urine in his beer bottle?

It is just disgusting what the canton police of Aargau see on July 14, 2007 in Brugg: they are called into a public bus, where an 18-year-old rejected asylum seeker harasses other passengers. When the police wants to drive him off the bus, he starts roaring and spraying urine from a beer bottle.

He breaks the hand of a policeman. Eventually, the task groups succeed in captivating him. The man ends up in the psychiatric clinic Königsfelden. Why he carries urine in the beer bottle remains his secret.

Umbilical cord at the cemetery

Grausiger Fund on 5 September 2002 in Baden: On the old cemetery on Bruggerstrasse, a pedestrian discovers a pool of blood and fresh traces of blood. No murder has happened, on the contrary: a baby has been born.

Police officers find a part of the umbilical cord and a police dog the placenta. The child and his mother, on the other hand, miss every trace. A week later, a DNA comparison provides clarity: the baby was delivered to the hospital Einsiedeln in the baby flap.

Kangaroos outgrown

Exotic scenes take place in September 2006 in Wiliberg and Bottenwil: two kangaroos escape from a farm in Bottenwil and jump around in the Uerkental. Police, hunters and vets are struggling to hunt for the song hungry who do not want to be caught. "We can not use any of our people for the kangaroo hunt," said Canton Spokesman Bernhard Graser on September 27 in the AZ.

You can also be filthy, these kangaroos:

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Anger is not under control

Two men (19 and 22) miss the last PO Box in Frick on the evening of March 2, 2006. This makes them so angry that they turn out 16 Randleitpfosten during their walk in the direction of Kaisten and partly throw them over the road.

Surprisingly peaceful skinheads

Concerned citizens report to the police on March 29, 2002 that skinheads have stopped at the fire of the "upper mountain" in Biberstein. The police withdraw and check the 15 men and four women. The result describes the kapo as follows: "It was the police known skinhead (…), who has grilled peacefully."

No petrol in the tank but too much alcohol in the blood

A 27-year-old Italian fills the fuel in the wrong opening on 1 August 2009. So it happens that his car stops in the middle of the Bernstrasse in Rothrist, because the gas tank is empty. The police measure its alcohol content, which is too high.

Moreover, the patrol detects that he has not redeemed the car and has no insurance cover.

Would he be that?

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Still tipsy at noon

On the A1 at Kölliken, the police checked a Polish truck driver for alcohol at noon on March 18, 2010. The breath test results in a value of almost 0.8 per thousand. The driver swears he did not drink alcohol in the morning. He had only stooped the night before.

Exhibitionist gets the wrong person

The full communication from the police: "On the night of Sunday (March 29, 2003) a 35-year-old man from the Baden region was doomed to the fact that even police women occasionally go to the exit privately. a festival in Baden he presented himself with open pants.

Only when the woman recognized herself as a policewoman did he realize that he was probably the wrong man and that he was surrounded by other colleagues of the woman. Together with her colleagues, the astonished exhibitionist was led to the police station. Against the man was increased ad. »

The horse goes swimming

Two riders were unlucky on 17 September 2005 in Bremgarten during a ride along the Reuss. A pedestrian makes the horses shy. The one throws off the rider, the other jumps into the river. The 16-year-old rider can swim on land. After a long search the horse appears a few hundred meters further on the other side of the Reuss. Riders and horses are not injured.

You must not scare horses

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Do you remember the kangaroos?

Police, hunters and veterinarians fail to catch the runaway kangaroos in the Uerkental for more than a week. The animals do the work themselves and return one after the other to their keeper, who – as will be seen later – does not have permission to keep kangaroos.

It is best at home

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Compliment for football fans

Unfortunately, the message of the police of 10 December 2006 is of great rarity: "Compliments to the fans: before and after the game, FC Aarau: FC Basel was in order, fans of both clubs proved that such a football festival is possible! »

The parish hall is not a hotel

During the night of 27 November 2014, a 35-year-old Swiss from the canton of Thurgau will spend the night in the Gemeentehuis Oberentfelden. He can be included on the eve of unsuspecting Abwart. His motive remains unknown. The police do not find stolen goods or material damage, but arrest him.

«Hello Raser – problems complacent ?!»

Only the somewhat provocative title is funny with the announcement of 24 May 2004 about speed checks at various locations in Aargau.

Who forgot his money on the toilet?

Travelers call the police on December 20, 2008 to the Othmarsingen station: there is an abundance of coins of different national currencies spread over the toilets. A part is still stored in plastic bags sorted by country. The police collect everything that weighs eight kilos and has an unprecedented value.

Dispose of poisonous snakes in containers

An unknown man with beard is observed on November 5, 2008. He throws several cloth bags in Baden in the Kurtheater in a waste container. The city police notice that there are live snakes in it.

And indeed: three animals come to light. The two Palestinian vipers and the Blackhead coral snake are dangerously poisonous.

That would have been a nice surprise

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That probably gave a strong disapproval from the parents

Several teenagers sneak around in the night on February 1, 2010 in a neighborhood in Oberkulm. People throw a snowball at a window that breaks. A woman warns the police, which holds five Swiss (15 to 17). The snowball launcher is used for material damage. Whether the advertisement or the subsequent collection by the parents is the most important penalty remains unclear.

That can go wrong quickly

Current police photo & # 39; s: collision between car and Töff

«If shit is the right word, it has to be said»

Video: watson / Emily Engkent

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